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        About Us
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        Address:Jincheng Street, Jinqiao Industry Area, Tuqiao Country, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guang Dong Province, China
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          The company specializes in the design and manufacture of precision plastic mold, founded in 2003/6/1, the predecessor company in Dongguan City, Cheonggyeon all into the plastic mold factory, later renamed Dongguan City, excellent board Co., Ltd. is an independent domestic investment. Products related to office﹑ Digital﹑ automotive﹑ home appliances. At present, the company's main machinery and equipment are: Japan MAKINO-F3 high-speed CNC Taiwan, Taiwan YCM high-speed CNC Taiwan, Japan FANUC Tongji two, Taiwan Hartford-CNC Taiwan, Po Jia CNC Machining Center 3 Taiwan, Japan MAKINO-EDG2 mirror discharge motor 1, STANDY mirror discharge motor 2, the ultra-century spark machine 430 # three, 540 # two, Genesis bullhead large 1080 spark machine 1, Taiwan Kende 618 grinder four Taiwan, Taiwan, a plane on the ground a grinder; Taiwan Feng Fort milling machine: 1.8 # four, 2.0 # two; wall drilling machine, lathe ﹑ a sawing machine, and a high level of mold design ﹑ manufacturing and processing team.

          We sincerely look forward to working with clients, and strive to continue to explore and innovate on the basis of the existing, from the responsibility of improving the quality of mold, better for the cooperation with customers.


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